Richard Armstrong’s distinction as a teacher, director and performer has taken him to over 30 countries and inspired a whole generation of performers and their work.

He has given countless workshops and demonstrations of his work throughout North and South America and Europe. Annual events include his International Voice Workshops at the Banff Centre in Canada, and a workshop for the graduate theatre programme at Towson University, Baltimore. Richard Armstrong is associate arts professor at New York University/s Experimental Theater Wing at the Tisch School of the Arts and teaches for its International Summer School in Amsterdam.


"His students follow him around the world, flying thousands of miles to take yet another workshop. In class he has the noble bearing, the sureness and beauty of a lion and yet presents the work simply and in a manner that never encourages his students to make a guru of him."

- Fides Krucker from her foreword to A Vocal Journey: Conversations with Richard Armstrong.