"The Voice Is The Muscle Of The Soul." 

This short phrase, coined by my teacher Roy Hart in the 1960's, eloquently sums up the practical philosophy of my teaching: the voice as a manifestation of the psyche, a potential key to often hidden areas of personality and spirit. Martha Graham said something similar when she described a dancer as being "an athlete from God." 

The fundamental and guiding principle of my classes is: Work on your voice, and you work on yourself. Work on yourself, and you work on your voice. For me, the sounds we make are the audible glue that binds our inner and outer worlds together through the container of our bodies and the boundless universe of our imaginations. I want to introduce students to (or in some cases reaffirm) this fundamental principle, that the sounds we make are the audible expression of our identity, a Geiger counter to our states of being. Students have often had voice training that looks at correcting and modifying the manifestation (i.e. the sound) ONLY,